Design issue Time Zones during registration


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Not sure how that works, but when a user tries to register to my board it sets the wrong destination as a time zone. For example, a user on my board should have "(UTC +02:00) Jerusalem" set as its time zone during registration. However, it seems like ALL users that are registering from this region, get the time "(UTC +02:00) Eastern European Time".

Sure, one would argue that this is the same time zone but a different region. But if to be realistic, Eastern Europe is about 3-4 hours flight from Jerusalem, so that's not correct.

Just to be clear, the guest time zone set to UTC +02:00 Jerusalem in ACP, but I think it's irrelevant for this issue.


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We attempt to guess the correct time zone, but this isn't possible - there are ambiguities where it's not clear which TZ it would be (both use DST but at different times, for example). You can remove this from the register_form template and it will just default to the guest time zone:

{xen:if $fields.timezoneAuto, 'AutoTimeZone'}