Lack of interest Time Sensitive Thread Locks


Sometimes it may only be necessary to put a temporary lock on a thread until situations have had time to simmer but it may not be necessary to close the thread completely. You may also wish to impose a specific amount of time that a thread may be open for in cases of group discussions ect. Rather than having to log in and monitor time it would be interesting if this could be done automatically rather than manually.

I've talked about how I'd like to set up different levels or define different groups within my moderation team so it would be nice if you were able to limit the functionality of this tool or restrict it based on user groups. For instance I would like to set up a group of users that are nothing more than "support", basically they are just slightly elevated members who are there to help other members as well as the moderators. My moderation team is also set up to encourage discussion within the team when dealing with issues rather than several mods running around interpreting "rules" and acting independent of each other. So in essence the lower support people can still intervene by imposing a temporary lock that expires within a predetermined period if needed but their decisions are not permanent and still need to be examined and actioned amongst the chain of command.


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This is actually a pretty dam good idea, being able to lock a thread "for set period of time" which auto reopens again later. Very useful for when threads get out-of-hand and you'd sooner not put of permanent lock on it at first, give it chance to simmer down like you say. (y)