Achievement Unlocked: time-sensitive configurable trophies

Andy Huang

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I've been toying with the idea for some time now, but I am far too busy to do this one myself... so I'm posting this out in the open in hopes that someone will say: Hey, that's a good idea, let's incorporate it into the main product / make it into a plugin!

So, by now, most of us are aware of these achievement things. They're the little things that pop up at you when you complete certain tasks. They're popular in mini online casual games, in console games, and various other things. XenForo have a first step in the right direction for this with trophies, but I think it is not quite there yet.

Imagine this:
Have a fully configurable achievement system:
- Post at least 3 threads in each of the subforums X, Y, and Z.
- Like at least 5 posts in each of the subforums A, B, and C.
- Receive at least N likes from the administration team.
- etc.
Have achievements that expire after some time:
- You must complete these objectives by Date X
- You must complete this task within 1 week of registration (good to make people make that first thread).
Give achievement specific user titles / user groups:
- Get larger avatar quota for completing this achievement!
- Get unique user title for completing that achievement!

Now, your user have incentive to be addicted to your forums and post lots, AND have bragging rights as result of completing the specific achievements (that the new kids now cannot get). Anyone up to make some serious forum addiction?

Digital Doctor

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I think this thread is a duplicate.
Other point categories:
Post of the week
Poster of the week
Thread author of the day
Thread author of the week
(1)First Post Likes: You have received 100 First Post Likes !
(2) Well rounded Likes: Liked by a Diversity of people (Received 30 Likes from each of: Newbies, Active Members, Well Known Members, etc.)
(3) You help Newbies: 1% of Newbies (under 30 posts) have liked a Post by you.
(4) You are bringing in Money: A newbie who liked you became a paid member. Here's your kickback Money.
(5) You Posted something with a Video (YouTube).
I think granting new permissions on the forum based on the trophies could be helpful.
"You have made your 5th post .... you may now attach .image files to your posts".
"You have contributed via Paypal .... you may now have images in your signature.".

Andy Huang

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This is not a duicate as it extends a lot further than just new trophies options.
New trophy conditions are nice, but it is nothing near what is being proposed.
Particularly, new trophies options does not offer the flexibility of date sensitive trophies, it does not allow change of user groups, and it does not offer the fine level of control proposed here.


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I've not checked but we need some kind of hook or ability to extend trophies, e.g. MyTrophyClass::awardMasterClass($user) then coders can come up with their own conditions.

So we'd choose "custom" as the condition, and then give it a classname/method and perhaps allow the ability to import/export trophies.

Just a thought!