Time Out / Temporary bans less than 24 hours

The Sandman

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I think the ban functionality should be expanded a bit to include a "Time Out". Basically, this would mean that a temporary ban of less than 1 day could be done. So if someone goes off the rails I could give the a Time Out for 1 hour, or 6 hours... like that. And it should be phrased differently from a ban - less than 24 hours is a Time Out and more than 24 hours is a ban.
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Worth noting that you can actually do that with warnings right now, either on a per warning basis (the specific warning applied) or a total points basis (warning actions). It can be done on a temporary basis (while the warning is active, while the point total is high enough, etc) or indefinitely (permanent warning, permanent warning action).

The Sandman

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Thanks @Mike!

Yes, I see that this is the case (and that this is more or less what IPB has as well according to the screenshot above).

I'd still like to see this functionality available without the need for setting up a warning though - it's a very useful system for getting the staff involved with consistent moderation, but it's a bit cumbersome when you just want to give someone a quick Time Out for whatever reason.


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It is actually a relatively simple UI issue which prevents a time less than a day being selected for a ban or a warning expiry