Time for a demo - running Q&A

Hi guys

Firstly, a HUGE thank you to all that have helped so far over on my first thread http://xenforo.com/community/threads/an-honest-opinion-please.36545/

When the demo is back up and running I plan on having a good play around with it to see where it takes me. For anyone who didn't read the only thread, i'm a complete newbie...i'd don't even know what HTML or CCS stand for let alone what they mean!

So, while i'm waiting for it to become available again (soon I hope!): what can/cant I do with it?


Ok yeah, that's a start. I'd ask you to point me in the right direction but given it's down at the mo that's pretty pointless.

Now this will seem like a very stupid question i'm sure but I presume there's no way of me trialing any of the addons?


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Not as far as I'm aware. A lot of them have "demos" in the sense that they're installed on their developers site but not that give you control to make changes or access the ACP.
Thanks! I must admit, this forum is by far the most helpful and of the five i'm posting on it's the most enjoyable to use (although the admin team really should use the third party 'like' addon - it's a great feature!)

I'll check those links out shortly...

Ok, so when the demo's back on I can play around with the style, create threads, add posts/pics etc. Anything else?