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Lack of interest tighter comment corralation between Media and forum thread


Active member
Wow, first off, is this add-on awesome! I am finally seeing the huge power of this now.

After using it for a few months (wondering why I would want this when the forum adds media quite well for most of us)

I am now seeing how the Media interconnects to the forum, wow wow wow!
Where I see huge potential, room for a tighter integration is with the comment section.
I don't know how it could be improved but if it was a tighter in a way to add a comment "from the forum side" that connected related comments to both the forum and the Media itself, that would be right on. Maybe a way to where the forum comment displayed in a similar way to how the Media does in the forum. I don't know... But I think the comment can be improved. Kudo's and please keep the forum close nit to it. I love the direction you are going.

I just want to say, keep brain storming on this and wow..