Thumbnails should be full images, not cropped squares


Well-known member
As much as the square thumbnails create a visually pleasing grid layout for media lists - the fact that images are arbitrarily cropped with no concern for the content makes it much less useful and indeed problematic for sites with large number of images and a high volume of new images uploaded regularly.

On ZooChat, the typical use case is that someone visits a zoo, take a heap of photos, then comes home and uploads a bunch of them to our gallery. It's not uncommon for someone to upload literally hundreds of photos at a time.

As such, there is a constant stream of new photo content being uploaded and our members tend to rely on being able to quickly browse through the photos to identify subjects of interest which they may want to inspect more closely and comment on.

Having an arbitrarily cropped image prevents that usage and makes it more difficult to interact with large numbers of images.

We really need to revisit this - at the moment we seem to have "form over function" for media lists and that is causing complaints from our members due to the loss of function.