MG 1.1 Thumbnail Problem

For some reason when uploading images to the media server, it is no longer creating thumbnails. I only just uploaded 70 photos and all these had thumbnails created, i tried upload another photo and it no longer creates thumbnail.

I thought it may of been that image, so i tried uploading an image that worked but i didnt work anymore either. During this time I didnt make any changes to the media settings and options. This is for version 1.1.0. So i have now updated to 1.1.1 and I am still having this issue.

Anyideas or solutions from anyone?
Hi Mike,

Tried attaching, file uploads ok but still no thumbnail.
I have now tried using the Imagick extension but still doesnt generate thumbnail.



XenForo developer
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I'd generally stick with GD unless you have a particular reason to go with Imagick.

However, if it's not working in attachments either--assuming the image isn't too large in terms of pixel dimensions--that would indicate an issue with GD. You may need to contact your host to have them check the configuration, especially if it suddenly stopped working.

In terms of pixel dimensions, the max resize pixel count can be defined in config.php to limit memory usage. It defaults to only resizing up to approximately 20 megapixels, so it may be worth confirming with an image no bigger than, say, 1000-1200 pixels along each edge.