Throw error if memcached isn't working


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This suggestion comes from my troubleshooting on determining why /register would loop back to /register.

The solution is here. This only came about because a new member didn't join for up to a month on their forum. In my case, it was several months as I merely blew it off as nobody joining. That is until one day, a user emailed me stating that they couldn't join — I think this would be a rare event for smaller forums, but lucky for me.

A simple solution: Xenforo should throw an error if Memcached isn't properly configured. It would be best if it was a one-liner error box in ACP, in red if it's required to run (i.e., memberships will not process). Alternatively, Xenforo could ignore a misconfiguration and skip it in the processes needed (i.e. registration). If the latter is the case, it could be in a yellow alert bar that there's a problem and that it should be addressed. If those two aren't possible, something would be nice, even if it has to be processed in a 'server error log', which I can't find any mention of it not working.

This would've helped two forums now. But hopefully, there's enough information in these three threads that tells someone to look at Memcached configuration in the meantime if the registration is looping or if they see that no members are joining their forum for days to months.
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