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Anyone know why this mod isn't working as expected?


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It is meant to show the prefix with last post info (on forum homepage or other forum listing pages) it works if the forum is a forum, but if it is a category with sub forums then the prefix doesn't show with last post info.

(I've asked the mod author and he said he'd look at it but hasn't got back to me - and I don't want to pester him)

I've tried to make sense of the code, and it seems categories haven't been taken into consideration. Does the listener have to look out for XenForo_NodeHandler_Category as well? I tried swapping that in to the listener and adding the code to show prefix in the node_category_level_2 template but still nothing. I also added a category.php file to the NodeHandler directory and copied the contents from the Forum.php file (which references _getForumLikePushableData - that actually isn't in the Category.php file in Xenforo itself) but still nothing. Am I way off the mark?

Anyone know what could be going wrong?


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You should be posting this in the discussion thread for this add-on. It's the best place as that's where other users will respond as well as the author.