Browser issue  Threadlist bug


Formerly MtoR

While navigating in the forum, I saw a small glitch, dunno if this is due to the long title or something else.

I have attached a capture of the issue.



Formerly MtoR
Well it happened multiple times and it was only a single thread in a list not all.
Anyway I can't reproduce it at work so I guess you guys are right.


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What browser? Firefox?

I remember seeing this once, but given that it's so sporadic, I think it's a browser rendering bug, probably dependent on where it decides to start rendering the page. Not much we can do about it in that case.


Is it the same thread, or randomly any other thread in the list, when you can reproduce it?


Formerly MtoR
Well that was that exact thread which you can see in the screenshot I attached to my first post.

Anyway @work on chrome I wasn't able to reproduce it. I haven't try to see if it was still there on my home computer but as It wasn't appearing every time (though everytime for the same) hard to say, especially with the long list of new posts, that thread get down to the deep sea :D