Thread views info?


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Something I just thought about and now can't figure out where to see it...and I searched the forum but surprisingly didn't find it. (could be my googlefu not so strong this morning) :/

Isn't there a way for admins to see how many times a thread has been viewed, etc? I know the last board I was on you could even see who had viewed it, etc...

Is that an option on XFand if so, where is it??


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well, duh...LOL..

I guess I was just remembering so much how it was on that old vb board that I was still looking there, which was at the bottom of each thread...

the list of who had viewed might have been an addon, don't remember...would be a nice addon to have though as it was handy cause then you could tell if X had viewed a certain thread, etc...


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Actually, I've had this similar 'problem.' When I look at my posts, I wonder how many views that thread got, but it's not displayed right on the "Search Queries" page. By searching, viewing your recent posts/lifetime posts, and whatnot. This was a helpful tool in vB, and I'd like to see it again on xF.


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