XF 2.2 thread titles style and emojis


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I come back with another question about styles in the thread and emojis.

In my last post I asked how to do so that the prefix of a thread is not absorbed by the style.

We fix it with the following code:

.structItem-title a:not(.labelLink) {

I didn't realize it but the emojis were picking up the gradient colors of my style like in this example:

IMG_20210206_210303.jpgCan we include some code to reserve its colors as with the prefixes?

It's a lot of fun to play with the color styles in xenforo, sometimes frustrating, but always grateful to keep learning, thanks!
We would need a URL to see what the markup is.

Based on the screenshot the emojis are part of the forum title and there's some sort of colour shift being applied from left to right.
Sorry but I don't know if I'm understanding myself. what I have indicated above is a node. the icons from android mobile.


In this case I attach several examples of thread, if you go down a little you will see them.


Hmm, that's interesting.

The emoji string should form part of the URL if it is added as the title, but in your case it isn't.


This is from my localhost installation:



The same applies to threads:



I'm not sure why that is - it must be due to a customisation but not one I've seen before.
Deleting the code you point to, I lose the gradient of the text, the emoji looks good but I can't get the purpose of keeping both, I'm going to continue investigating 👍🏽
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