XF 2.2 Backup and import mysql - problem thread titles


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Hi iam trying to import a database to a new server, but the thread titles haves problems i think its the encoding.

Example characters like this ç ão have problems in the thread title, but inside the posts dont have any problem.
I have utf8mb4_general_ci and in the new server database have create the same.
I have used the backup generated from cpanel.

Any special command to import to the new database?
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Tracy Perry

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Its an auto backup from cpanel.
And you know for a fact that it exports in the same format?
Have you looked at the actual dump file it gives you to confirm that... or are you simply assuming?
I don't use cPanel as for me, it's a waste of resources that could be applied elsewhere... so have no active knowledge of it.


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Unless you have specifically set the mysqldump option in your my.cnf file, the cPanel backups won't use the correct utf8mb4 option in the backup dumps

max_allowed_packet = 80M