XF 2.0 Backup and Restore of Database Failing


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I am in the process of testing my dump/restore strategy and can't seem to get things to work.

The database I am dumping is:
mysqld version 5.6 (Linux)

I am using a hosting provider (KnownHost) and have used 3 methods for my database dumps:

1. In cPanel I use phpMyAdmin to export the database selecting the quick method (no options) to an .sql file. I believe this dumps everything including all databases and tables as the file is fairly large (100+M) for a new site with no real content.

2. In cPanel under Backup I "Download a MySQL Database Backup" and chose my xenforo database. This file is compressed but uncomrpressed is about 60M.

3. Using mysqldump with the command line:
mysqldump --opt xenforo --default-character-set=utf8mb4 > /tmp/xenforo.sql

On my local Linux server where I am trying to test my restore, the database is:
MariaDB version 5.5

I am restoring the database using mysql redirected:
mysql -u root -p --default-character-set=utf8mb4 xenforo < xenforo.sql

and also the non-root user (user in the application).

The import completes without any errors.

However, when I attempt to access the forums page, I get a 500 error and can not find the logs where the 500 error is being generated. access_log and error_log for apache are not showing anything.

I have tried dropping the xenforo database and recreating with the same results.

Any assistance would be appreciated.


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Note: if your database collation is uft8mb4 you will need to use this command:

mysqldump --opt --default-character-set=utf8mb4 -uroot database_name > /home/path/mysql_backups/backup.sql
Thanks, where i can check if have uft8mb4?
In phpmyadmin i see utf8_general_ci in the collation.


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I use utf8_general_ci in the collation i have to convert to utf8mb4_general_ci to use xenforo 2?