As designed  Thread title with non english chars "éçáà"


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the thread title with accents should be replaced with the respective english letter.

"éçáà" = "ecaa"


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I'm assuming he's actually referring to the URL. It's definitely debatable. The URL shows up correctly with accents in browsers like Chrome/Safari and Firefox. It doesn't in IE. I can make it show up in IE by not URL encoding, but that's not valid and there's at least one place in XF that falls over because of that.


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Hi Mike,

Yes ... I was referring URL, sorry.
Only IE doesn't show the proper letters with accents and as a vBseo user I'm accustomed to see accents replaced by the correspondent letter.
For me, if Google spell it right and doesn't use the "IE version", I'm ok with that :)

IE URL: thread-title-with-non-english-chars-%C3%A9%C3%A7%C3%A1%C3%A0.753/