XF 1.5 Click on thread title with new post sometimes do not open on unread post


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I am going mad for finding reason why sometimes on some threads when I click on thread title, this thread open on very first post and not on first unread post. But clicking on a dot/icon left of thread title open that thread exactly where it should be; on a first unread post in that thread.

This strange behaviour is totally random.
Today I place mouse arrow on thread title with unread posts in there and hovering link show just link o thread

But hovering link on dot/icon shows

If I click on thread title it open on very first post and than I have to click on go to first unread to open on first unread post.
Same situation with different user shows correctly - thread title clicking and dot/icon clicking goes to unread link.

Funny thing is when I read all unread posts in that thread and someone wrote another one post, hovering links on title and dot/icon shows correct (unread on end of link)

So I try to find is there some user setting for that, but found nothing.

Any help with this?
There is a distinction, though arguably it could be considered a bug. It's an ambiguous case. The situation is when the thread is unread but we have no read data for you with the thread. The thread is an old thread that has recently been bumped up and there's no read data that has been tracked for it. We don't know whether you've ever read the thread. In this case, the link errs on assuming you've never read the thread. The distinction is that the dot takes you to the first thing that is explicitly "new"; that is, the first post that's newer than your read data lifetime.

If anything, arguably the behavior of the thread title should apply to the dot as well. This is a behavior that was added a number of years ago after confusion of getting taken to the middle of threads you've never seen.

You can reduce the prevalence by increasing the "Read Marking Data Lifetime" option (though don't go too high with it; I wouldn't go over a year I think).
You can reduce the prevalence by increasing the "Read Marking Data Lifetime" option (though don't go too high with it; I wouldn't go over a year I think).
It is set to 30

Yep, there could be connection between old threads bumped with new post.
So if I do not change "Read Marking Data Lifetime" option, there is nothing else what I can do?
You could edit the thread_list_item template so the 2 links have the same behavior (right now they change based on whether there's read data). I would recommend using the behavior of the thread title as otherwise your new users will be skipping the beginning of older threads that have bumped up when they click on them.

But beyond that, without the read marking data, it's ambiguous so there isn't a definitively correct value. Increasing the option would reduce the frequency of that.
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