Duplicate Thread-Title should be LINKED


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let´s say I am searching for a specific thread, then I click on the search-result which gives me a link to a specific post in the thread, so the link comtains a unique post-number, like for example:
So this is fine.
But now I want to send this link to a friend. This time I actually do not want to send the link with the post-number, but I would like to send the main-link of the thread (starting with he first post) to my friend.
How to do this ?
The thread-title is not linked, so I would need to manually delete the post-number from the URL in order to get the main-link to the thread.
It would be helpful if you could make each thread-title being linked to the main thread (meaning the first post / first page of that specific thread).
Taking the example above, the Title of the thread should be linked to this URL: