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XF 2.0 Thread Title Settings


Active member
Where are the thread title settings, we have to extend the length of characters allowed in titles.

Thank you.


Active member
We had really long titles before the move to Xenforo, some of our members are not happy.

Thanks for letting me know, I'll search for an add on.


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Before we add another add on, I'd like to inquire to Xenforo directly, if our logic for longer titles might possibly persuade them to agree and increase the allowed title limits for everyone.

Member titles are limited to 44 characters, as a result historic member titles ie member of the month, photo of the month, etc. have become truncated. Is there any way to recover and display those recovered titles with a longer character maximum limit?

Reasons why this affects us:
  • We give monthly titles across 5 contests
  • These titles accumulate and are highly valued by our members, who are proud to see them displayed
  • Some members have titles from contests dating back over a decade or more
  • It enhances their status and reputation
  • For moderators, it provides a simple check to see if a recent winner is permitted to enter (contest entries have time considerations)
  • Without the titles, members do not feel their work is recognized and moderators have to spend a deal of time searching their files
For these reasons, I ask that you either give us the code edit to increase the limits, resolve it in the next update or explain to us why you don't think it's a good idea. We understand there could be other factors in your decision, would love to be on the same page.

Thank you.

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
I'm slightly confused by what you're asking. This thread seems to be about thread titles, but in your most recent post you're talking about member titles.

Do you mean user titles, e.g. like we have here "Active member", "Well-known member", "XenForo developer" etc?

In any case, where are you getting the 44 character limit from?


Active member
Yes, I'm so sorry, getting confused with so much going on, learning all of these new things. :)

I am now referring to the member titles under the member names, however the original thread I started did in fact have to do with thread titles.

Sorry about that.

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
The custom_title limit should actually be 50, rather than 44, so I'm still not certain where that's from, but changing it should be trivial.

So trivial, in fact, here's a little add-on I just knocked up.

That increases the user title limit to 250 (which is the same as vBulletin, I think).

We've mostly steered clear of making it too long because we feel that a user title shouldn't particularly be very verbose. After all, it's a user title, generally for short and witty sub-titles or job positions etc. 250 seems very long IMO.

What we do have in XF which I feel is more appropriate is user group banners. You can see the "Staff member" one under my user title. These are 100 characters each, but also a user can have more than one.

You could have a "Member of the month" user group, and that could display a "User of the month" banner under their user title. You could have a "Photo of the month" user group, and that also could display a banner. If a member is a member of both groups, then two banners will display, similar to this:


They can have different colours etc.

So that might be a better approach, but I appreciate you will likely want to get it working as it was before, in the first instance. Hopefully that add-on will help.

You'd be able to fairly painlessly export the titles from VB to XF as long as you still have the VB database.



Active member
This is fantastic, thank you Chris.

Although it feels like I'm buried in quick sand right now, I'm really digging your software and support.

Feels like I finally found the oasis, after walking in the desert for years. :)

I am truly grateful for you, thank you.
Back to this, before we make our decision.

We have 5 contests every year, including year end contests, so that's 10 contests per year, 10 usergroups.

Then we'd have to create 10 more every year.

I love the idea and think the banners would look much cooler, however this could get crazy with usergroups.

What are your thoughts?
Also, we just installed your add on to keep the members happy, while we marinate on these usergroup banners.

However the titles still appear the same, cut off.

Is there a process that needs to run to reset them or did the titles get cutoff during the import and are now gone?