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Thread Thumbnails


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This is going to sound mildly selfish, but the truth is that I have no need to continue the development of this mod. I, myself, do not own an instance of vB4, and therefore all improvements are entirely unneeded for myself and my time is almost entirely "lost". The reason that this mod was originally updated to support vB4 was because I received many generous offers for compensation to do so. As it turns out, all of those offers fell through, save one. So again, my time was almost entirely "lost".
I believe he has lost interest in developing mods.


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I'll add my like, as this is something I'd really love to see for xenforo, use the first attachment or use the [i m g] tag (was selectable via admin).

Where should thumbnails be specified?
  1. User Entered URL: When creating or editing a thread, the user can specify the URL of an external image to use as the thumbnail.
  2. First Attachment: If the user adds an attachment to the thread, the first image attachment will be used as the thumbnail.
  3. First Image In Post: If the user adds an image into their post, via [I M G] tags, then the first image in the post will be used as the thumbnail.


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This mod just wants the user's avatar (on thread_list) to be replaced with a thumbnail of the first attachment?

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It seems like a nice visual way to identify / distinguish certain threads.
Like the admin could create a thread ... not just his own avatar ... but use an avatar that would relate to the content of the thread.


I'm in contact with the guy(i asked him if he wants to release it, or maybe sell it to others, so he can get his costs back + make some money^^)