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Hey guys. Quick question for you all. Haven't been here for awhile, going to be using our xenforo license on a new gaming forum very soon. So I'll be back and around.

This is a very general forum question not pertaining to any software in particular.

I'm going to move a large forum off the front of my board and make it a sub forum. This forum is very active and has about 480 threads and over 4K posts. That's a lot of indexed threads and posts. The reasoning is because that particular forum was dedicated to election 2012, and that's done and past now.

So I'm going to move every thread into a new forum (sub forum off a general politics topic one), keep the existing forum up with redirects so the search spiders can correctly re-index everything. I was thinking of keeping these redirects up for a week and then deleting them.

This sound like a smart plan? Is there a better way to do it? Should I leave the rediects up for longer?/

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