Fixed  Thread Preview on "Enhancement Disabled" still "works"

Andy Huang

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I'm filing this under bug because I don't know to what changes are caused by the "Enhancement Disabled" style's style properties.

If you are using the "Enhancement Disabled" style, forum description bubble (and a lot of other bells and whistles) does not come up. However, if you hover your mouse over a thread title, the style still makes that extra ajax call and brings up animation with the thread preview.

I'm not sure if this is intended by the style, or if it is a slight oversight in the process of disabling animations. If it is the former, and we can configure whether or not thread previews appears via a style property, then we can safely ignore this. If it is the latter, then I think it is a bug that would need to be fixed.


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I assume this could be not a bug, since it's gotta display the thing somehow (tooltip?)!

Andy Huang

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In the case of forum description, it doesn't display anything all together (no default stylized bubble, and no tooltip), so I'd imagine it should be the same here...


XenForo developer
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Swore I had responded to this, but forum descriptions are an option. Enhancement disabled simply disables what can be configured in style properties. That doesn't include the preview. It's arguable that it could be controlled by the disable overlay option, so I think I'll do that.