Not a bug Thread Prefixes Don't Extend to Forums When Applied on Categories


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Let's say my forum structure is like this:
- Kingdom Hearts Console Games (Category)
-- Kingdom Hearts (Forum)
-- Kingdom Hearts: Re:Chain of Memories (Forum)
-- Kingdom Hearts II (Forum)

If I create a prefix called Help to be used on threads where people may need help with the games and I set its applicable forum to Kingdom Hearts Console Games so I don't have to go through and select each individual forum, the prefix won't appear when creating or editing threads in, say, Kingdom Hearts II. I have to actually select Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts: Re:Chain of Memories, and Kingdom Hearts II as applicable forums.


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This is as designed. Thread prefixes created in a parent node don't apply by default to child nodes so creating them in a category (where they can't be used anyway) would also yield the same result.

They are there though, they just need selecting in the prefix tab for the node in the ACP.
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