XF 1.3 Thread Prefix Syatem Not Working. . . .

Mian Shahid

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Hi, we migrated from VB4 and at the movement, every thing is working fine except thread prefix.

Although, prefix are allotted for a forum but when trying to modify thread to change or add prefix, error message occurred.

List of allotted prefix:

Error message when trying to add or change prefix:

Kindly advise further . . . .


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What users groups have you set as being allowed to use the prefixes? Are the moderators in those groups?

Mian Shahid

Well-known member
we just import vb data again due to some issues. last time we did not set any thing but prefix working fine but not now, i am also wonder where is "
Forums and Permissions" tab from where I will set permission :)

Kindly advise . . .
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