Lack of interest Thread Prefix Action


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Would it be possible to, when a specific thread has a prefix (e.g. Bad Words) to auto-close the threads and prevent it from being opened by moderators?

Same for Stick Thread.


When I create a thread prefix for say "Done", I wouldn't mind to select from a few selections: delete thread, or close thread, or whatever else might be logical.

So when I am browsing the forum and it's used for support tickets, or sales questions, that the support guy could change the thread prefix from [active] to [solved] and the thread would also be closed.


I could ask the same about thread prefixes,
can't the mod not just add [plaintext] prefix to the thread? ..

Hence why it's a small tweak.

On bigger sites where every second three new questions are asked, this cuts the time in half and saves time and money.

It's a simple request, the devs are free to ignore it.
Or, have a php callback support, so we can make a plugin for it, that way we can also extend it when the it's marked as 'Done' that a canned response is added at the bottom of the ticket.