XF 2.2 Thread post order?

In the prior XF version I think members had the choice of seeing posts from newest to oldest, or oldest to newest, either in their preferences list, or at the bottom of a thread page (don't remember), but can't find that option in V2.2.6 that we just upgraded to. Does it exist in the new version, or is the default fixed as newest posts on the bottom?
That has never existed as a preference for posts within a thread, perhaps you had a third party add-on installed?

It is available as an option for forums.

Errr... as a filter option on your forum listing?

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Thank you, I mean here: https://www.viajoven.com/tema/lignaform.9187/
The first one is the last one by default. I prefer to show by default the last one first...
Last message is from: 21 June 2021 and I would like to show that one the first one by default (in all forums by default)
Does this addon do what you want?

Does this addon do what you want?

Yes, I would like to have it like that addon.
Is it posible in the panel?
I am checking it right now and looks I can do it in ADVANCED OPTIONS (editing in every forum).
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