Add-on Thread Post manipulation for referral links


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Not sure exactly how to explain this one, but here goes.... is there an add-on for:

Users want to post their referral links in an orderly fashion, for things like Beta signups or cash bonuses from third party sites, eg

  • Member1 Link (POST1)
  • Member2 would say 'I used Member1's link, here's my link' (POST2)
  • etc
The problem with the above is that some people get skipped, or some people may just join in the thread without using the prior link, which makes it a mess.

  1. Is there a way to randomly push one post to the top of the thread as the 'link to use today', and the random pool is all the posts below?
  2. Are there any other solutions out there that help manage this sort of activity to keep it fair, but reduce/eliminate thread management?