XF 1.4 Thread notifications still going out to bounced emails

I'm not sure if I'm missing something here or there is a setting I've not turned on.

I am seeing the same users cropping up a few times each day in the bounced email logs. They are showing as email Invalid (bounced) - but the forum is still sending out email notifications of thread updates to these users.

Do I have to make any changes to the setup?
How will these users know there is a problem when they log in?
I've created a usergroup promotion to add the user to unregistered/Unconfirmed while user state is email Invalid (bounced) but this is not working either the users group remains unchanged.


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If they are in the email invalid state, you don't need to do anything else. You may want to check the date the original email was sent; depending on the type of error, it can take around 5 days for an actual bounce to come. The emails may have been sent before the state was changed. Otherwise, it's possible there's an add-on that's still sending emails to these users. The add-on would need to be changed.

The users will receive a notice that they need to change their email when they login.

The promotion is unnecessary. When the user state is set to email invalid, the user will receive permissions from the unregistered group automatically.
Thanks for the prompt reply Mike, I've just done a test on this.

A user has been invalid for well over a week, in fact his email has always bounced since Xenforo was installed. This user posted a new thread just now, I replied to it from another user and an email went out to this invalid user informing them there had been another post.

This invalid user is listed as STAFF does that make a difference? He is not in the "registered" usergroup as primary, but was promoted to a higher permission primary usergroup.

When I am logging in as this invalid user I don't get any notifications or warnings that the account email is invalid.

The only plugin/add on or mod I'm running is Xen Media Gallery.


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The staff/group distinction shouldn't matter.

Can you screenshot the user edit page showing their user state, just to confirm?
I removed the Staff , logged in as this user and presto, the update your email warning came up as expected.

Then I put Staff back in on this users account and the update your email warning remains.

It all seems to work for other users, having tested this, I just had an anomaly on this one user.

user2.jpg user1.jpg


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Have you noticed any more bounces to that user? The staff aspect really shouldn't be involved; it sounds like the account wasn't fully in the invalid state, though I really don't know how that would even be possible.
There have been no more bounces. I will try to recreate the issue and make sure it is repeatable to help track down this issue - if there is one. I guess it could just be a glitch in my database or something and a one off, especially since it works ok for everyone else and is now ok for this user.