XF 1.4 Thread level permissions


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Is there an add-on or way to set permissions for a single thread?

On my site we do something called "PIF Boxes" that members send around to each other, take items out of the box, put items into the box and then ship it to the next person.

Typically these boxes have 2 and sometimes 3 users managing them and I need to be able to let the managers of each box be able to edit the first post.

I tried giving them moderator like permissions in the forum where we put these things. In order to accomplish this I had to give the user group permissions to edit anyone's posts and unfortunately one of these users abused this power so I have had to revoke it.

I have installed the "First Post Edit Time Limit" which accomplishes the goal for the thread owner to update the first post, but I need to find a way to allow a small group of specific users to be able to edit the first post of the thread.

I don't mind creating a new user group for each individual "box" thread if that is necessary.