Lack of interest Thread Icons



Yes, i miss them. We use them as system icons (gaming forum) and maybe there is a way to add them in xf. :)


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I always disabled them on my forum. It will not disturb me if this will be added as an option that can easily be disabled.


What i want to say :

In place of the avatar.gif of xx user display in forumdisplay , can u guys implement a system like :

putting their a custom image which the user selects from a number of images provided when posting a thread (Like Post Icons ) system , only the post icons will be displayed their instead of the avatar of the last poster. ???

Why I think :

Because i have a big site of my own , and their most people do not have a avatar , even i disable avatar for - Normal users , it will display No Avatar.gif looks kinda odd , if they are replaced with Post Icons or custom images which the user can choose in the option while posting a new thread , would be just fantastic

Hope It gets some views.... r i do not know it is already implemented r not , but i want this as a feature if it can support.