Thread display question


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Hey guys,

By default is it possible to display threads outside of a 'forum'/'category'
If you are confused by what I mean, I would like the home page of my forum to look as if you are already in a 'forum', like this.

if it indeed is possible could someone explain to me how it is done so I can test it once I get a demo.

thanks for your help and I look forward to trialling this forum software.

Jake Bunce

XenForo moderator
Staff member
You can of course link directly to the thread list. You can edit the navigation template to change the destination of the default Forums tab to link directly to the thread list. But there would still be other links throughout the software that go back to the original index page. Rather than changing all of the links it would be easier to setup a custom redirect in your .htaccess file to redirect all requests for the index page to the thread listing, similar to this:

That should work well actually. But this is not something you can test in the demo.