XF 1.1 Thread display option close, stop the bounce?

Jake Bunce

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At the bottom of the file, add the red code:

Rich (BB code):
this.$options.is(":hidden")?this.showOptions():this.hideOptions();return!1},showOptions:function(){this.$options.xfFadeDown(XenForo.speed.normal,function(){b(this).find("input, select, textarea, button").get(0).focus()})},hideOptions:function(){this.$options.xfFadeUp(XenForo.speed.normal,0,0,'linear')}};XenForo.register("form.DiscussionList","XenForo.DiscussionList");XenForo.register(".discussionListItemEdit","XenForo.DiscussionListItemEditor");XenForo.register("#DiscussionListOptionsHandle a","XenForo.DiscussionListOptions")})(jQuery,
There are other transitions you can try which are visualized here:


Jake Bunce

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Jake that worked perfectly! Thank you.

It's the first time I've looked at any js code and it's quite the collection of syntax. Would this code change get flagged during an upgrade?
It will be overwritten during an upgrade.

Neil E.

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OK, it's a small enough change that it wouldn't really have any consequences when it reverted. I've documented it in a notepad++ file for future reference.


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Hello @Jake Bunce ,

I know this is an old post, but I am trying to remove the "bounce" from the inline mod thread controls. I have removed the easing out bounce the occurs when you cancel/close the toolbar. It's just the "snap back up into place" that occurs when you open the tools that I'm having a bit of trouble with. To try and be a bit clearer, the toolbar stays open, but when it opens, it "overshoots" it's actual height which pushes the threads below down a bit further, but then they "snap back up", with the toolbar left open ready to use. Dunno if that made things clearer or not lol Anyway, I want to remove that so that the toolbar opens and closes smoothly.

Also, is it possible to remove the collapse and expand from the vote poll form so that it just stays static and switches out when you cast/change a vote?

Any help would be appreciated :)
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