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Thread Cover - ThemesCorp.com [Paid] [Deleted]


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Is there anyway to implement a default cover image per node? If that is possible I will purchase this in a heartbeat.
It will be great to choose between some covers so any possibility for the admin to upload some pictures so the user will be able to choose between some covers?
I agree with these gentlemen...

@Allan I already bought it, because the idea is magnificent. Thanks. I only missed the part where I can change the linear background? It's white now, I want it to be black, but can't find that in the attributes or template, can you help me with it?
Reload page but still not working.
Feature request:
-About your resize option, i think it's better if we can drag the image and save it rather than auto resize and crop the image.
-Can you add thread cover as thread thumbnail like this addon Thumbnails by Waindigo ?
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