Thread and Posts Ratio


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Interested in what everyone's thread posts ratio is?

At /admin.php - Messages divided by Discussions = Ratio. My site ratio is 16.3.

Keen to understand if this is much lower than average etc.


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While I don't have access to the ACP on TAZ, if I divide messages by discussions I get 7.55 almost 7.56


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I read a while ago that some sort of unwritten target was a ratio of 1:10.

This site is just over that, my own site is a little over that ... at 1:71 :D


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  • Discussions: 1,180
  • Messages: 9,469

0.12 or 8.02 depending on whether you divide by discussions or messages. As a ratio, I think it would be 0:12 or 8:02.


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78.4 here (if I divided right) 1.8M+ posts and 23K+ threads.

We have lots of posts on threads and lively discussions, especially weekly discussions related to new content.


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I run two forums – one has 11,122 discussions and 339,873 posts, so a ratio of 30.55; the other has 15,694 discussions and 446,913 post, with a ratio of 28.47.