Thoughts on custom stylers within styles


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Hi Guys,

I've noticed that some styles recently released have features that let your users customize the style in terms of colours, backgrounds, etc.

While I don't currently own any styles that have these features, do they actually get used by the members on a site? Do you think they are a must have for a forum, or do you think they are just a gimmick?

Obviously different forum owners would have their own opinions on them, and I'd be curious and interested to hear what you think.



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I think its a gimmick. Doesnt provide anything of real value unless a large proportion of the visitors to the site do not like the default style of the site (which means you have a problem with the default style used anyway).

One style is also sufficient in majority of forums. At the end of the day its content that brings people back, not styles. People tend to lose focus of that too much and prioritise designing pretty forums higher than having good content on their site.