XF 2.2 $this filter?


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I have a controller class

here i have typical
  • isPost > do something
  • else show template with form

when I have isPost i call $this->plugin
in /ControllerPlugin/class i do:

$lala = $this->filter to work with the input from the form

from here i call classes somewhere else like /service/...

My question now: where do i have $this->filter?
(yes i can and will try in a minute)

is there a list of typical classes, where i can use it?

Because else i have to pass it
  • call funtion($input from form)
  • save it in a Global
  • add it with getter/setter to my entity

I have different solutions from different authors, but which way is the best way, if there is any best way, please?
BTW: What is $app->container?

We use $app->container to load an avatarSizeMap at the start?
Why? Why it is need to have this info from the first moment?
Why we dont fetch it later?

And is this container something I can use as a container?
Can i set up in my Listener,
then /admin/controller/class
=> add new values to my container avatarSizeMap like xxl?
And then I have this info everywhere?
Something like a global for this call of the class? A bag with some infos with me all time and everywhere?
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