Thinking changing website


Hello all I run gamers site for near year it's slow like 50 members. I found out there gamer site near same name after months building. I was thinking changing to everyday forum now


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I agree with Josh. It may be something to take up with the members of your forum and see how they respond to it.


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One site can have only one domain, though you can have as many sub-domains. Well we can suggest you if you give us the previous name of your site which can relate to anyway. So please mention some more details.


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switching to a general chat site will make all 50 of your gamers hate it and leave.

talk to your members and come up with cool ideas together. that will mean more than anything to the ones who appreciate being there.


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If you don't have a method of marketing in mind then building a forum is very hard. People prefer to chat about things on popular social networks. You have to ask "why would anyone sign up for this?" Especially if there is tons of competition out there and the forum is not popular imo your chances of building an active community are very small.