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  1. yazer

    Thinking changing website

    Hello all I run gamers site for near year it's slow like 50 members. I found out there gamer site near same name after months building. I was thinking changing to everyday forum now
  2. yazer

    Add-on Game review addon

    Looking see if there is free review addon or something like Imdb addon to post into forums to review games?
  3. yazer

    Add-on media addon thats free

    Was looking to see if there media addon that free, i think $60 bit much for offical media addon when your site makes no income
  4. yazer

    Add-on xbox and psn leaderboard

    Hello, been looking addon like this for long time now, found website with API for showing stats like tophies, the site is https://www.psnleaderboard.com/sql-script and it be great if someone could point me in right way it be great thanks
  5. yazer

    XF 1.5 xenforo image remove

    When i post url from my site to facebook or other sites it shows url and image of xenforo how do i remove the image and add own logo ?
  6. yazer

    The GameHolics

    Started forums for gamers and changed the domain name due users thinking it was for clan, http://thegameholics.com/ was started in early Feb, and its hobbie not for making ad money or anything just because i enjoy gaming, any feed back would be great