These two videos are great!


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I'm a huge fan of Vimeo and just stumbled upon these two videos! They're pretty funny and well-done. The 2nd contains a bare male buttocks. No nudity and nothing graphic, though.

and also, this one!

The second video was removed by a Moderator for images (posters) in the background which I hadn't noticed before. If you want to see this video, start a private conversation with me and I'll get you a link.


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loved the first one :D

The second one I will have to watch again on another computer, this one has no sound currently lol


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@Lawrence: Sorry, I didn't notice the posters until just now. No rule breaking meant. =)

If anybody wants to see the second video, start a conversation w/ me in private and I'll hook you up. It's funnier than hell. :cool:


is it me or is that video in the quote filling the page 100% of the div block?