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XF 1.2 There is no SPAM link under guest's posts

Hi all,

I tried to find a solution, but with no success. It wonders me, that there is a SPAM link under registered users, but there is no SPAM link to guests post... which is akward.

How to remove 10 spam messages from human-bot guests, who litter my forum? Here is the screen of what I need to find for guests:



Well-known member
Since they are guest posters, they don't have a user ID to track. (all you really have is an IP address)

I think guest posts must be handled manually.

Then again, I've never enabled guest posters... so I'm not exactly sure what data other than an IP address would be actionable.


XenForo developer
Staff member
Since they're guests, there's no linking from one to another so the spam cleaner can't do much of anything over just a delete.
thanks for your fast reply, I hoped that I'm just missing sth. And is there any option to delete all posts from the guests IP address?
o_O Enabling guests to write posts without such tool is pointless. I just disabled this privilege, but I look forward to SPAM per IP button for guests. Remember that it needs to have some basic filter protection like preventing admin's IP ban ;)