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Theme Chooser


Active member
I'm not sure what is going on but on my site I just tryed to change themes and I am getting this error. Now I'm not getting any error on the admin site has anyone ever recieved this error be for?? I'm not sure but this may be on my ISP not XenForo??




XenForo developer
Staff member
You would need to open the browser console window to see what the response contained. This might represent a server misconfiguration in this case.


Active member
Hi Mike
Found the problem, my laptop recieved a windows update and I did not restart my computer and after I restarted my laptop the error went away. Welcome to the world of Microsoft lol I should have know this before I posted here sorry, but if anyone recieves this error again simply ask them to restart their computer to finish the update.... Thank You for your reply Mike....