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Not necessarily a forum showcase and critique, lol, More of an announcement.

I run two other xf sites, and a couple close friends and I decided wouldn't it be great to to have a forum dedicated to nascar and college football. And everything country. So I had this brilliant idea to take on another forum.


Couple add ons we are using:


This is a startup forum, haven't got to the point to where too much customization has been done. We are using a pretty stock version of UI.X to this point but I expect that to change shortly. Right now I am working on a custom login page, here is where I am at with that:


Will be adding forum node icons, few other things, background images etc

A work in progress for sure, and forgot how much work it was to start a forum from scratch, never mind while I have two others I need to manage, and demand my attention, lol,

If any of you here are interested in college football, nascar, just all things country, feel free to register and join in. As I said we are very new, limited membership, I think 4 of us, lol, but have no doubt we will grow over time. I extend an invitation to all of you interested in the topics I am to stop by, say hello, and join us on this journey.

Also any that are well known here as developers and would like to assist in helping me customizing the forum, feel free to PM me. Am open to suggestions and paid work.

Thanks for your time,

Cheers all,
So not that anyone cares, more for my amusement, lol, I finally got my landing page live at


And my banner, it was really tricky to get it to fit the way I wanted it to. Below is the best I could do. The image does scroll however and is responsive.


Alot of trial and error and research and trial and error and rinse and repeat lol, anyway I'm proud of what I was able to do. Probably seems trivial to some and needless but hey, I disagree, lol, now to figure out what the hell I'm going to with the rest of the site, :confused:

Again thanks for any that read this and humor me, am open to suggestions.
Index pages with a register/login prompt before showing any content are highly annoying and outdated. A lot of visitors would back out before even clicking on the forums page. It may look pretty but try to show some content to your visitors before asking them to register. Personally, it should be the last thing a forum trying to get new users to register should be doing.

Good luck with your site.
I appreciate the remarks, but will be leaving it at is for now, the board itself is open to view and google is crawling it just fine and am starting to get a few regs. So for now I'm not messing with it any further. Down the road I may have a change of heart.
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