Not a bug The second link and the picture is not displayed in posted message

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Sorry for my (translated) English.

There is such a problem:

In a message to insert, for example, three or five reference images. Press "send." Notice shall be published in the forum. But only the first visible link or picture. All other references or images suddenly disappeared after the first and they are not visible.
Written text is, and where the link or the picture - it is empty.

This is not a problem of the browser. Exactly the problem in all forum users. Forum just put, testing. The problem was immediately once the forum started.

An interesting fact - pressing EDIT MESSAGE and the editor can see the entire message, nothing will not be lost. That is, the data is accurately recorded in the MySQl database.
But still not visible in the edited, finished the message. Only the first link or picture.
Not open for further replies.