The REAL pandemic threat to humanity - The HYSTERIA VIRUS


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I've just flown back from Malaga in Spain to the UK - Malaga went into lockdown on Sunday and the police were driving around Saturday telling businesses to close on the orders of the local mayor.

It's madness out there, panic buying, businesses not knowing if they're going to survive, and the tourist industry they all rely on has been stopped in one weekend.


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It’s really tough staying at home all day long with 2 little kids, and working 10 hours a day to enable other people to work at home!

My next house will have a garden. 😫

I don’t know if this is exaggerated, but without a vaccine or specific meds and with so many symptomless, staying at home is the only way to fight it.


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2 weeks off and not by choice. Even at home it takes one person to be in contact with and you've caught it. a 45 year old man has just died at our local hospital who was tested positive.

What's with the toilet roll shortage? 😳

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What's with the toilet roll shortage?
In the US it's mostly fear that there won't be any more, since most all of our paper products come from China and China stopped most of its production.

China is ramping production back up now, per reports.

One 20 year, 2 million mile trucker friend I have is telling me loads are backing up, his company is running full-out trying to meet demand. One train engineer friend tells me they are doubling up, running full-out like they do during the Christmas shopping season.

The Hysteria Virus is being responded to.


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It has nothing to do with where people think it's made - it's happening all over the world.

It's herd mentality.

One person sees someone buying up a lot of x product.

So that person does the same.

News gets out that supplies of x are running short so everyone goes to the store to get some.

Repeat for product y, z, etc.

Then you just have the price gougers, or as I like to call them, selfish ****s - people who travel thousands of kms in a few days to buy up every single bottle of sanitiser, face masks, medicine, etc. just so they can sell it at a huge markup.
One guy apparently made $100k in a week by selling $1 hand sanitiser for up to $70 a bottle.


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I'm on vacation this week and scared to go back to work on Monday, but don't have a choice. On the other hand my daughter is a school teacher and now has off until 4/15 with pay.


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I'm sure the developers would appreciate that.

I've learned from painful personal experience that web sites are one of the first things people drop when the economy goes into the toilet (pun intended).

And it certainly looks like that's where we're headed. Again.


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In the US it's mostly fear that there won't be any more, since most all of our paper products come from China and China stopped most of its production.

Odd, I thought most of the stuff comes from the great forests of the Pacific North-West.

Maybe they have chopped them all down by now.