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Recently I started a forum called SEC Sport Zone that was dedicated to the teams in the Southeastern Conference (American college athletics) and after awhile I decided why not expand to cover more than just the SEC? So I have redone the site and decided to open it up to all teams in what is known in college football as the Power 5. So if you are a fan of a team in the power 5 come check us out and I am also looking for critiques on ways to improve the site. Let me start out by saying a couple of things though that might get pointed out.

  1. Yes there are a ton of forums and sub forums cause prefixes wouldn't really be a good option even starting out. There are over 60 teams in the Power 5 and posts pertaining to certain schools would get lost.
  2. Well I guess number one was about the only one I think might would come up as a critique.
So here is the link Let me know what you think. I am working on adding content added so that will come.
Ok after some issues with a previous theme I hired the guys/gals at Audentio Design/ThemeHouse to design a custom unique theme for the site. There are still a few bugs to squash and a few extra details to add in but those should be done in the next few days. Even had a new logo designed for the site as well. So let me know what you think. @Mike Creuzer and @Crista Busse and anyone else from the team that worked on the theme did an awesome job I must say. Thanks for the hard work and dedication you showed to me and to my little site. Now to start adding some more content.
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