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The "Happy Birthday" song for member

I have this idea. We will have the addon that make forum autoplay the "Happy Birthday" song when a member have his birthday in that day come to forum. For example, today is 19/7, if anyone has their birthday in profile is 19/7 come to my forum, the "Happy Birthday" song will play. I think that member will very happy and maybe he will loyal to my forum. Feel free to add feedback here :)


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Interesting idea. But trust me... don't auto play. Pop up an overlay with the happy birth day text and a play button if you want.
Then give it an option for us to choose if it autoplay or not, ok? (if not, there will be a button to click) And there will be a popup overlay to happy birthday them too. Want to see this addon soon. :D
From what I understand the "Happy Birthday" song is still under some sort of protection and the people that own it are very protective and come after you if they find you are using it without paying.. Several of the restaurants around here have stopped singing that song to their patrons...

Not 100% sure about this but checking it out might save you some aggravation down the road....