The Black Flicker


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I dont know if anyone else has seen it, or it's just me...

On this xenForo 1.1, I keep getting a black page (for less than a second) every now and then, when I create a thread, or change pages ...

I am using FireBug, and it could be a FireFox issue (all these new releases of FireFox seem to introduce additional 'features')

I've also noticed at times, the page seems to freeze for a little while

I'm jumping from the forum, and my own development 1.1 forum pretty much the whole time, so it could be a general FireFox issue, I'm just wondering if anyone else has seen this Black flickering when using xenForo/FF/FB?

I didnt want to ask this in the Bug section, since I dont know if it is a XF Bug, FF Bug or FireBug ...Bug ... ...Bug