Thank you ... you friendly bunch :)


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Whilst we're all kicking our heals waiting for the big unvail ... I'd just like to say a general "Thank You" to the xF community.

Always entertaining, friendly, warm, and enlightening, you've been a great source of relaxation and breaks from the rigours of running my own forums.

There are some very, very clever people amongst the off-topic fold with skills and knowledge I could only ever aspire to, and some cracking senses of humour (humor for our cross-Atlantic cousins ... lol) that have had me smiling many a time; and spilling coffee at others. (y)

And despite a few tiffs, and ruffled feathers here and there, the xF forums are a great place to be and reflect, to me anyway, the general pioneering spirit of people working together to achieve a higher goal. Help given without any request for payment, either in cash or kind; advice imparted based on a wealth of experience that you would be hard-pressed to find in any Internet Marketing Guru books. You get the idea ... people looking out for, and supporting each other under an unwritten, but self-made community spirit. It's great stuff. :D

... and we couldn't do a "Thank You" without mentioning the mods; those ever patient, and interminably fair folk who stop us ripping each others limbs off (figuratively speaking, of course) and keep a keen eye on threads, weaving their magic and keeping it all running smoothly. Let's face it, you've got to be some kind of mad-man to want to moderate a bunch of forum owners / moderators ... lol :ROFLMAO:

And finally (I know it should go without saying but I'll say it anyway) ... those ingeneous little coders and magic makers that brought us to the xF party in the first place. Enjoy the fruits of your labour gentlemen ... it is well deserved, and may it continue to grow. :notworthy:

Shaun :D


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This thread couldn't have come at a better time, Shaun. Though I have been more of a silent lurker / reader / observer on these forums, the way everyone participates, helps and encourages has always drawn me back to this place. Healthy dynamics of a healthy community supporting an awesome product...that's how I'd sum it up. :)

Thank you indeed, Ashley, Mike and Kier (I wanted to reverse the usual order for a change...:p) for starting this project, sticking to it, taking head on all those 'unforeseen circumstances' and finally delivering. May the Xen era for forum softwares begin! :cool:

And a special thank you for our lovely moderators...Brogan, Dean and Lawrence. I mean, we've all heard "Who will guard the guardians?", but "Who will moderate the moderators / administrators?" has got to be really really wacky for a job. :D While the developers hack away at their keyboards, it is indeed these guys who make this community worth coming back, again and again.

Congratulations to you all. Each and every one of you deserve it. (y)


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Words very well spoken, couldn't have said it better myself,

best of the best to all of us. :)