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Thank you for empowering my community

The Dark Wizard

Well-known member
I saw one of these threads earlier and I wanted to put my thanks in it but I could not find it for the life of me, I've been up for over 24 hours working on my xF community. I just renewed my license and will be posting up my new project soon on the showcase forum. We may also be buying enhanced in the future as we feel that search is slowing down after the sheer amount of posts.

So yesh.

Love you KMA and your product too.

The Dark Wizard

Well-known member
Gotta say, I 100% agree with you. If I could like it twice I would (y)
:). I have always run communities, and interacting them was the best thing ever but actually running it was really brutal due to the software, now I also have a passion for learning and developing more things for my community!