Looking for developer/Xenforo pro help customize my community


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🛠 XenForo Developer Wanted: Customize My Forum! 🛠

Seeking an experienced backend developer familiar with XenForo to help build and customize my community board.

Project Details: Creating advertising pages akin to Craigslist, a dedicated reviews section, and a private membership community. Members should be able to build profiles, add pictures, and process payments through Bitcoin via Coinbase Marketplace integration.

Timeline: Project completion required within 7 days.

Interested? Please reach out for further information and to discuss. Payment crypto.

Thank you! - Debbie
I don't wish to tell you how to suck eggs but a lot of what you are requesting is already available as addons. Have you checked the resource manager?
@Bob has a few add-ons, like Classifieds which will do the first thing you want. You could probably use his AMS (article management) addon to also do reviews.

As for private memberships, you could enable admin-approved registrations and set unregistered to not view any content.

And as for the Crypto stuff? yea. I would not accept that myself. Never got into the whole craze of that area.
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